New Bike Day, The Best Day Ever

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New Bike Day, The Best Day Ever

As a bike shop owner I get to be part of some cool events; I get to be there for “new bike day”, participate in community rides and celebrate with people their fitness and health successes. Last week I got to be part of a special event that I will remember for years to come.

Kurtis is a local kid who took up cycling last season on a donated old mountain bike in an effort to improve his physical fitness and overall health. Kurtis was spurred on by an Orrillia hospital program designed to encourage kids to be more active and foster healthy lifestyle habits. In the last year Kurtis has learned to mountain bike, ridden countless kilometres and entered his first race. Kurtis has doubled his physical endurance and has influenced his friends and family to improve their own health and become more active.

Aleesha & Kurtis

For the last few months Kurtis has been saving for a new bike, a bike built for the trails and races he will ride this summer and for years to come. Kurtis raked leaves in the fall, shoved driveways in the winter and mowed lawns in the spring, saving for the new Rocky Mountain bike he had picked out.

With a donation from a community member supporting kids determined to improve their physical fitness, Kurtis would have enough money to purchase his new bike. The best part was, he didn’t know it. Orchestrated by his mom, Kurtis’ new bike was ordered and I was lucky enough to deliver it to him in the presence of his family, and the Orrillia hospital team.

Kurtis' New Bike

Being there to see the excitement on his face, his appreciation for the donation and knowing the hard work he has put in made the day so very special. Kurtis is a kid that understands that much like mountain biking, life is not without struggles and a few crashes along the way. Kurtis is determined, hardworking and appreciative. He always has a smile on his face and loves to ride his bike.

We want to thank Kurtis’ family for their support in his journey, and for allowing us to be apart of his success. In one year Kurtis has changed his life for the better, and influenced others around him to do the same. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kurtis and what challenges he’ll take on next!

Written by, Aleesha

Owner of Parry Sound Bikes and a proud supporter of kids and this community!

Kurtis & Mom and Dad